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Will A Dui Affect A Green Card

Will A DUI Affect A Green Card?

Generally, your green card reflects your status for permanent residence in USA.

While it’s one of the best cards you can ever have with its many benefits that also cuts across other nations of the world, this card can also be revoked if you (the holder) fall short of certain crimes in Florida, with particular reference to DUI in this subject.

How A DUI Affects Your Green Card

Your green card withdrawal won’t just happen immediately. You will first be contacted and called into immigration court for proceedings for removal.

At this stage, an immigration arbiter would hear your defense and make a judgment on whether or not to annul your green card and have you extradited.

Depending on the facts of the candidate’s case, it is even possible for just one DUI to make a person deportable.

It also depends on if there were exasperating factors in the case such like driving on a suspended or expired license, or having a child in the vehicle at the time.

Factors as these can easily trigger U.S. Citizenship & Immigration Services to determine that you had committed a law-breaking act of moral turpitude.

This alone has the potential to make you deportable if it was committed within 5 years of your admittance into the U.S, and it comes with a possible prison sentence of at least one year depending on the state.

Real Story of DUI Case In New Port Richey

Sometimes being ready at the right time is just as important as being right. Recently I received an amendment to a reckless driving for a client based on writing a letter to the prosecutor. The video showed a thin amount of reason to stop my client however once stopped the evidence was not very persuasive. Because the prosecutor did not have favorable responses to the requests for information and the agreement that they should have the information by a certain date the prosecutor and I agreed to a reckless driving. The easiest way to avoid a dui is to not drink or do drugs before or during driving. However if you do get one examine the evidence, inform the other side what it is your client seeks and support it—be ready however if they say yes. – Frank

If your DUI case is connected with drugs instead of alcohol, then you have got another deportability issue. For having such substance on you, you could be found removable by law for having committed an offense in that context.

Also, if there was an accident due to the DUI with someone injured, extra charges of aggravated assault could result to deportation.

For better chances of winning a DUI in Florida with regards to green card issues, we recommend you pick up your phone now and speak to a Qualified Lawyer. You will be able to get maximum protection working with an experienced immigration attorney.

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