Applebee’s partly responsible for drunk driving accident

Just about everyone in Tampa has heard the dangers of drinking and driving. Under state law, it is also illegal for people under the age of 21 to consume alcohol, but many choose to ignore that law. Not only does this put themselves at risk, but the risk of anyone who is riding with them. If the underage drinkers received the alcohol at a place of business, then that business could be held accountable.

Applebee’s was found partly responsible for a drunk driving accident that left one person paralyzed. The person, who was underage at the time, was served alcohol by the restaurant’s bartender along with his three underage friends. The friend who was driving, and caused the crash, has been ordered to pay the majority of the $42 million verdict, having been found 40 percent at fault. The restaurant will pay an estimated $8.4 million to the victim for the 20 percent responsibility it holds.

It is unknown whether the boys asked for alcohol or were offered alcohol by the bartender, who was arrested. It is also uncertain if the boys were carded or if they used fake IDs to obtain the drinks. The victim says he hopes businesses will see this case as a reminder of how they need to prevent underage drinking. His friend had a .04 blood alcohol level content and got into the accident within a mile of leaving the restaurant.

When an accident occurs, there may be several contributing factors. People may find it beneficial, therefore, to discuss their crash with an attorney, who can conduct a thorough investigation to find out what really happened.

Source: 10 News, “Underage drinking crash victim wins lawsuit against Applebee’s,” Kendra Conlon, Apr. 22, 2016

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