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How to avoid left turn motorcycle accidents

How To Avoid Left Turn Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycles are the most at-risk vehicles on Florida roadways due to their size. It is very easy for drivers in other vehicles to not see a motorcycle, especially during left turns. Left turns are one of the most dangerous maneuvers on the roadway regardless of what type of vehicle is being driven simply because of having to cross the roadway to execute them, according to

The best way for motorcyclists to avoid collisions during left-hand turns is to be alert and aware. Riders should also be patient when making a turn. It may take a while before there is a clearing in traffic for a safe turn but at least it will be safe and reduce the chances of getting into an accident. In addition, riders should always completely stop before making a left turn regardless of the traffic situation or road signs. This will allow the rider to be sure the roadway is completely clear.

The Sun Sentinel reports that in motorcycle accidents, other vehicles usually are at fault. They do not see the bike or do not even look for a bike because they are not expecting one. In some cases, drivers are distracted and simply not paying enough attention to notice a motorcycle in their path. Many accidents related to left turns are caused by vehicles turning left in front of a bike that is going straight. This is why it is so important that riders pay attention to other vehicles and anticipate what they may do.

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