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Back Injury Due To An Accident

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Were you involved in a car accident or slip and fall on a commercial property due to someone else’s negligence?  We are committed to serving the Pasco County Community by passionately protecting the interests and right of our clients and neighbors.

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We’ll Come To You If You Are Injured In A Car Accident

We offer extremely flexible appointments, with availability 24 hours a day, seven days a week. If you were in a car accident in New Port Richey, call us and we’ll come to the scene if need be to help make sure you and the officers on duty are following proper procedure.

If you are injured, we will not hesitate to travel to meet with you. The costs of a spine or back injury can include more than just standard medical bills, it can include supplies, equipment, loss of work time, loss of everyday enjoyment from life and more.

Never take the first offer you receive and always resort to first contacting a back injury attorney.

The Costs Of Back & Spine Injuries

Some data from the Spine Research Institute shows us the costs incurred from back injuries from 2013…

Whether imposed on man or machine, subtle repeated actions done incorrectly overtime can have painful—and costly—consequences. Just as tires blow and engines die, backs, necks, and other appendages painfully flare up, causing employees to miss work, Workers’ Compensation claims go up, and employers pay the price. In fact, according to OSHA,  “The direct costs attributable to work-related musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) total $15 to $18 billion per year, with indirect costs (such as resulting management costs or the cost of production losses) increasing the costs to employers to more than $45 billion.”

Similarly, the 2013 Liberty Mutual Workplace Safety Index reports that “overexertion costs businesses $14.2 billion in direct costs and accounts for more than a quarter of the overall national burden.”

Back Injury During Work Hours At The Workplace

Many back injury settlements and lawsuits come from injuries that happen in the workplace. New Port Richey is home to a lot of workplace and commercial property injuries.  Below are some statistics from Game Ready, that show the impact back injuries have on workers.

If you experience back pain you are not alone; these back injury statistics prove it:

  1. The Bureau of Labor Statistics has indicated that more than one million back injuries are sustained each year in the workplace.

  2. Twenty percent of all workplace injuries are related to the back.

  3. In general, back pain impacts 80% of the population at some point.

  4. About one-quarter of the time taken off work is because of back injuries. This is the number one reason in the country for missed work.

  5. Pain in the low back is the leading cause of disability in the world.

  6. In the United States, more than $50 billion each year is spent trying to treat back pain.

Back Injury & Illness Statistics In The Workplace

Here is a chart on injuries in the workplace from the Bureau of Labor Statistics in 2016. You can see that workplace injuries are not uncommon. Most of people who suffer workplace injuries do not contact an attorney. Back injuries can sometimes be present without ever being diagnosed, and sometimes small injuries that go unreported can lead to major back pain and future problems down the road.

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