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Are breathalyzer smartphone devices accurate?

As a Florida driver, you want to avoid driving while under the influence of alcohol and hope that others behind the wheel are doing the same. New devices are on the market that can be used with your smartphone to check your blood alcohol level. The accuracy of these devices, though, is questionable. TODAY reviewed some of the more popular breathalyzer smartphone devices and found that results can vary widely.

In tests, these devices were put up against police grade devices. Some of them were fairly accurate, while others were not, showing either too low or too high readings. The inconsistency between devices is concerning because it is difficult to know if the readings from the device you are using are correct. The manufacturers of the devices commented on the results, with most of them noting that these devices are mainly designed to increase awareness and help people make smarter decisions when it comes to drinking and driving.

While the devices range in price, some are available for around $50. To use the device, you would blow into a piece that plugs into your phone, and interact with it through a downloaded app.

The takeaway from this assessment was that the devices cannot be relied upon for true results until the technology is more refined. However, if you feel the need to test your blood alcohol level, then you probably already suspect that you should not be driving. Perhaps this is the best thing about such devices. Even though they are not completely reliable, they may still be able to help lower the number of people who drive while under the influence, making the roads safer for everyone.  This is general information only and is not intended to provide legal advice.