Can Grandparents Sue For a Wrongful Death

Can Grandparents Sue For a Wrongful Death?

Are you a grandparent seeking to know if you have legal right to file a wrongful death case in respect to your grandchild’s death?

Typically, as a grandparent, you don’t have any permissible standing to sue for the wrongful death of your grandchildren except you have been appointed to be the executor of your grandchildren’s assets.

Finding yourself in a condition like this; losing a grandchild can be heart shattering but then you must face reality. As a grandparent in such situation; first – it’s painful you lost your grandchild, and then secondly – it gets more complex to watch your own child suffer i.e. parent of your grandchildren.

The worst kind of death (losing a child) is unquestionably the worst possible kind of loss!

As a grandparent, while you may not have legal rights to go after a wrongful death claim, you can do the following:

Help your child with all it takes legally: This means you can help your child do the groundwork. Help him or her find and hire an experienced attorney that will be willing to help protect your family’s rights & uphold your grandchild’s memorial.

Support your own child: In a situation as this, your own child may be lost with grief and thus not know the right thing to do now. He or she might think: ‘why worry about a wrongful death case when such claims won’t even bring the child back’? In this scenario, ensure your child is aware that you are supporting him and that you will help to get things right – legally.

Educate your child: You need to carry out some research & make your child understand the likely benefits attached to wrongful death cases.

How a Florida Personal Injury Attorney Can Help?

As a grandparent, if you are looking at winning wrongful death case in Florida without the help of an experienced Florida attorney, this can end in disaster. Schedule an appointment today and speak with a qualified lawyer about your case. Call now to find out more about what you can do to help your family.

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