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Can You Get a DUI at Your Home?

Can You Get a DUI at Your Home?

If you’ve been driving under the influence but manage to reach your home without being pulled over, you could still be charged with a DUI. While you can get a DUI at your home, it is less likely and you do have a much better chance of beating the conviction. If you get a DUI at your home, whether or not you’re convicted will most likely come down to the available evidence.

If the arresting officer saw you driving and observed your impaired driving or there is video or photo evidence of your impaired driving, the prosecution would have a stronger case against you. Without that evidence, it will be much harder for the officer to get a conviction. This is because they may not be able to prove that you were the one driving or that you weren’t intoxicated from simply drinking at home.

Getting Arrested for a DUI Once You’ve Reached Home

In most states, if an officer observes impaired driving, they aren’t required to arrest you for a DUI when stopped on the road or while driving. This means that you could be arrested for a DUI even if you’ve already reached home safely.

Even if the officer never observed you driving and simply received reports from a witness or you were found asleep, intoxicated, in your car while parked in the driveway, these instances could all lead to a DUI. Being in control of a vehicle while intoxicated can be enough for a DUI conviction – such as sitting in your car while in possession of the vehicle’s keys while intoxicated.

If you are on private property the officer wouldn’t be able to arrest you without first witnessing you driving. In any case that you are arrested for a DUI at your home, you should immediately contact a DUI attorney to ensure your best chance of acquittal.

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