After a car crash, injuries may not always be immediately obvious

Take a second and think of a car accident scene. You might be thinking of several crumpled up cars and trucks, police cars and sirens, roads scattered with debris and seriously-injured victims being loaded into ambulances on gurneys.

This type of scene is certainly not uncommon when it comes to serious crashes. However, there are thousands of accidents that occur where the scene is less chaotic and the damage is not exactly catastrophic. But even in somewhat minor collisions, there is the potential for serious injuries; they may just not be immediately noticeable.

For example, if you are rear-ended at an intersection, you might not feel like you are injured. These types of accidents can happen at lower speeds and may not set off any red flags like airbag deployment, serious cuts or broken bones. However, you could suffer extreme back or neck pain that may not be evident until the next day or the next time you engage in certain activities.

Over time you may also start noticing troubling health problems like dizziness, confusion or numbness in your limbs. These symptoms can be signs of much more serious conditions that were not treated after an accident and ended up getting worse over time.

You may also find that recovering emotionally and psychologically after a crash proves to be much more difficult than you expected. You may start experiencing extreme levels of anxiety or fear when you drive. Some people even feel depressed after an accident because of the emotional scarring attributed to being in a car accident.

Even if you don’t immediately think you are injured after a crash, it may be wise to see a doctor, particularly if symptoms do not get any better. It may also be wise to consult an attorney in order to learn more about whether you may have grounds to seek compensation from a negligent party. This money can be crucial in helping you cover expenses stemming from lost wages as well as current and future medical expenses.

Source:, “Types of Car Accident Injuries,” accessed on Sept. 3, 2015

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