What kind of driving behaviors often cause pedestrian accidents?

What Kind Of Driving Behaviors Often Cause Pedestrian Accidents – Florida Law Some of the most catastrophic crashes on Tampa roads are those that involve a pedestrian. Unlike passengers in a vehicle, people who are walking, jogging, skateboarding or skating have nothing protecting them in a collision. Because of this, they often suffer life-threatening or fatal injuries. Despite all the measures that have been put … Read More

Traumatic Brain Injury Attorney

Traumatic Brain Injury Attorney In New Port Richey, FL Head injuries sometimes go unnoticed after an accident, even doctors can mis-diagnose patients and there have been reports which have shown that about as much as 30% of brain injuries go unnoticed and/or unreported. Brain injuries are devastating, usually resulting from a vehicle accident. Need help? Call Frank P. Bianco, a brain injury attorney in New … Read More

Pedestrians and intersection safety

Pedestrians & Intersection Safety Pedestrians are the most vulnerable on Florida roadways. That is why the government at the state and federal levels have taken steps to increase safety through passing laws and recommendations that protect pedestrians at intersections. The Florida Statutes have very specific requirements for pedestrians and motorists at intersections. Motorists are charged under the law to be aware of pedestrians and do … Read More

Safety tips for pedestrians

Pedestrians are the most at risk for injuries on Florida roadways. That is why laws have been created and safety precautions put in place to help protect them. However, despite these things, auto-pedestrian accidents still occur regularly with about 430 people a day being seen in hospitals, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. While drivers should always be watching for pedestrians, it … Read More

Distracted driving is leading to more auto-pedestrian accidents

Anytime a Florida driver takes his or her attention away from the road, it is considered distracted driving. According to the Washington Post, the number of pedestrians who are killed by distracted drivers has been on a steady increase every year since 2009. This has happened despite the fact that overall car accident deaths have decreased during that same period. In fact, the projections for … Read More

Auto-pedestrian accidents: Who’s at fault, part 2

Florida’s motor vehicle laws try to balance responsibility between everyone on the roadways. To this effect, the state has enacted a personal injury protection insurance requirement for all drivers. This is also often called No Fault Insurance because, as the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles explains, this insurance is designed to provide the driver with coverage regardless of who is at fault … Read More

Auto-pedestrian accidents: Who’s at fault

Determining Who Is At Fault In An Auto Accident Because pedestrians and drivers share the roadways, what happens on them becomes everyone’s responsibility, especially when it comes to accidents. Florida operates under something called the pure comparative fault rule. According to the Claims Journal, this is where a court can assign negligence in an auto accident based on the percentage of fault. This concept is … Read More

Minimizing auto-pedestrian accidents in school zones

Florida state law set specific rules for traffic around schools in order to create a safe zone for children. The Florida statutes include requirements for permanent and portable signs, which should be used in school zones to alert drivers to the rules that should be followed while in the zones. The law also states that speed limits in school zones are to be no more … Read More

The fight to stop hit-and-run accidents involving pedestrians

Despite Florida lawmakers’ actions to reduce the number of hit-and-run accidents, it has remained fairly steady. Hit-and-run accidents occur when an involved party leaves the scene of an accident. This type of accident can involve two vehicles; or a vehicle and pedestrian, bicyclist or motorcyclist. Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles noted that in 2015, one in four accidents involving pedestrians is a hit-and-run situation, … Read More

Driver and pedestrian rules: Distracted driving/walking

The best way for people to avoid auto-pedestrian accidents in Florida is to be aware of their surroundings at all times. Drivers should avoid engaging in distracted behaviors while driving and pedestrians need to pay attention to traffic on the road. Following some general safety tips can save lives. Distracted driving happens all the time thanks to the many activities and environmental stimuli that drivers … Read More

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