Car accident court case can bring a sense of justice

Getting involved in a car accident can lead to serious injury, if not death. Many times, the person who caused the accident will walk away either with very minor injuries or with none, while you are hurt and end up in the hospital emergency room with some pretty severe injuries. Car accidents are the majority of personal injury claims in America. In 2012, over 5.6 … Read More

NHTSA finds troubling trend in 2015 accident statistics

With all the information and technology available today regarding safe driving, you would think that U.S. roads would be safer than ever. After all, cars have features to correct lane departures and brake automatically, we have apps to prevent distracted driving and there is a wealth of information about the dangers of impaired driving. Unfortunately, according to recent statistics and estimates, the number of fatal … Read More

Accident ends in tragedy after elderly driver mixes up pedals

We often talk about drivers who do things behind the wheel that they know are risky. People text, speed or drive while they are drunk. Many people would consider these behaviors to be quite obviously dangerous. However, these are not the only kinds of drivers who cause accidents. Seemingly every day, drivers make small mistakes or a seemingly harmless decision while driving that just so … Read More

Distracted driving can spark criminal charges, civil penalties

Every driver in Florida should know that driving while being distracted is extremely dangerous. Unfortunately, people all across the state continue to do things like text, browse the Internet and talk on the phone. All of these behaviors can prove to be very distracting in that they take a driver’s attention, eyes and hands away from the task of driving. When this happens, a driver … Read More

After a car crash, injuries may not always be immediately obvious

Take a second and think of a car accident scene. You might be thinking of several crumpled up cars and trucks, police cars and sirens, roads scattered with debris and seriously-injured victims being loaded into ambulances on gurneys. This type of scene is certainly not uncommon when it comes to serious crashes. However, there are thousands of accidents that occur where the scene is less … Read More

Responsibility for Medical Bills after a Car Accident – PIP Law Change

Due to changes in Personal Injury Protection (PIP) laws, treatment must be received within 14 days of your accident. This law was put into place in order to help prevent fraudulent claims. If you fail to do this within the new allotted time, your insurance company might have the right to deny coverage. Then, all of your medical bills could become your responsibility. If there … Read More

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