Can You Refuse a DUI Test?

Can You Refuse a DUI Test? If you are pulled over on the suspicion of driving under the influence, the officer will ask you to take a DUI test. This may include a roadside breathalyzer and a field sobriety test. You can and should refuse both of these DUI tests. They are fallible and subjective, respectively, and will almost always increase your chances of being … Read More

Do You Lose Your License Immediately After a DUI?

Do You Lose Your License Immediately After a DUI? If you’ve been pulled over for a DUI or DWI in the United States, the law requires that your license be automatically suspended for 6 to 12 months. The automatic suspension occurs between 10 to 30 days following the arrest. Being arrested for a DUI doesn’t necessarily mean you will be convicted but it will still … Read More

How To Fight A DUI In Florida – 14 Advice Tips

How To Fight A DUI In Florida The law firm of Frank P. Bianco, P.A., has been helping clients throughout Pasco County, Pinellas County and Hernando County since 1991.  Frank is your a former assistant state attorney and have more than 20 years of experience in personal injury and criminal defense law. In many cases, just by calling Frank in the middle of getting pulled … Read More

Will A DUI Affect a Teaching Job

will having a DUI effect a teaching job

Will a DUI Affect a Teaching Job in Florida Being charged with a DUI is one of the most frustrating things you could deal with. They’re expensive, time-consuming, embarrassing, and can severely impact your life – not to mention that the situation for getting yours may even seem silly when other options for transportation were readily available. Getting past all of that, though, a DUI … Read More

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