Increased Punishments for Hit-And-Run Drivers

Appropriately named The Sunshine State, Florida’s consistent, mild weather allows residents, from the Panhandle to the Keys, to enjoy the outdoors year-round. While the list of activities is broad, much of it consists of walking, running and biking on public thoroughfares. In the wake of the 2012 death of bicyclist Aaron Cohen, Governor Rick Scott signed Senate Bill 102 on June 24, 2014, creating The … Read More

Synthetic Drugs: A Real Problem

Everyone is aware of the existence of illegal drugs in our society. We hear about drug raids that remove thousands, even millions, of dollars of drugs from the streets. Sadly, it happens so often that we have become familiar with names of the drugs being seized: marijuana, cocaine, ecstasy and others. But there are new, lesser known synthetic drugs that are becoming a serious problem … Read More

Simple Traffic Moves to Avoid a Ticket and Save a Life

We have all witnessed this scenario: you are driving down one of our beautiful Florida roads and up ahead you see a car that has been pulled over by a police officer. The car is on the side of the road and the officer is speaking to the driver while standing between the car and traffic that is passing dangerously close. If you are like … Read More

Florida Texting While Driving Ban

Starting October 1, Florida has become the latest state to pass laws related to texting while driving, though they won’t be remotely as strict as some other states. Out of the over 250,000 automobile crashes in the state last year, nearly 5,000 of them were attributed to someone texting when behind the wheel. Studies have been conducted that show that texting impairs a driver’s ability … Read More

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