Do You Need a Lawyer After a Car Accident

The option of hiring a lawyer or not after a car accident will depend mostly on the severity of the accident and the recorded injuries. In the case that no one was hurt or the injuries are minor enough where they would not hinder your ability to perform everyday tasks you likely would not need an attorney. Insurance providers can quickly take care of damages … Read More

What is the Difference between Special & General Damages

Being involved in an accident that results in personal injury isn’t just painful; it can also be a stressful and emotional experience. You may not even be able to put a real dollar amount on your pain and discomfort but if you are proceeding with a personal injury suit, a dollar amount will need to be established. When dealing with a personal injury suit there … Read More

How is Pain & Suffering Calculated in a Personal Injury Suit

If you’ve been injured in an accident, no matter how small or insignificant it may seem to others, it can be a traumatic and stressful experience. It may seem impossible to put a dollar amount on the pain and suffering that you’ve experienced. Pain and suffering is the legal term for the physical and emotional stress caused from an injury. When calculating the amount that an … Read More

Pain & Suffering Injuries

pain and suffering injury pasco florida

Florida Law: What Constitutes The Need For Pain & Suffering Injury Costs? A lot of pain and suffering claims arise because of car accidents; whether that be as occupants during a crash, or as victims of a hit-and-run. However, there are many more ways to receive injuries in and around the home and at the workplace. What is Pain & Suffering Exactly? Pain and suffering … Read More

Grocery Store Slip & Fall

Grocery Store Slip & Fall Attorney | Florida Supermarket Injury What is the law on injuries in grocery stores in Florida? In Florida, and every other state around the world; one of the most common commercial premise accidents is slipping and falling. This can be as a result of wet floor, spilled milk, oil, food, or banana peels – among others. Such slip and fall … Read More

Back Injury Due To An Accident

Back Injury Lawsuit Attorney In New Port Richey – Call (727) 843-0097 Were you involved in a car accident or slip and fall on a commercial property due to someone else’s negligence?  We are committed to serving the Pasco County Community by passionately protecting the interests and right of our clients and neighbors. We’ve been one of the most well reviewed and oldest law firms in New … Read More

Traumatic Brain Injury Attorney

Traumatic Brain Injury Attorney In New Port Richey, FL Head injuries sometimes go unnoticed after an accident, even doctors can mis-diagnose patients and there have been reports which have shown that about as much as 30% of brain injuries go unnoticed and/or unreported. Brain injuries are devastating, usually resulting from a vehicle accident. Need help? Call Frank P. Bianco, a brain injury attorney in New … Read More

Neck Injury Lawyer

Lawyer In New Port Richey For Neck Injury – (727) 843-0097 An injury to the neck during an accident might not be noticeable right away. Also, an injury to your neck could mean there are underlying injuries to your arms or spine and the rest of your upper body, including the vertebrae in your back or your discs. Over 50% of people die from an injury … Read More

Personal Injury – Slip and falls

There are a great many difficulties and obstacles to overcome if one is to successfully pursue a “slip and fall” claim against a responsible party. This blog will highlight a few areas of concern for any potential claim by an injured party. Who is the responsible party? Often a business is not responsible for areas outside of their particular store front. One must determine who … Read More

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