Can Parents Sue For Wrongful Death

Can Parents Sue For Wrongful Death When you lose a child, the experience can be painful, depressing and probably one of the most demoralizing conditions any parent can have. Wrongful death has to do with death condition that’s caused by negligence that could have been easily avoided. When such occurs, the surviving parents have legal rights to sue the person(s) accountable for the loss. For … Read More

Will A Dui Affect A Green Card

Will A DUI Affect A Green Card? Generally, your green card reflects your status for permanent residence in USA. While it’s one of the best cards you can ever have with its many benefits that also cuts across other nations of the world, this card can also be revoked if you (the holder) fall short of certain crimes in Florida, with particular reference to DUI … Read More

Florida’s Law On Taking A Breathalyzer Test

Florida’s Law On Taking A Breathalyzer Test Implied Consent Law – Florida has an implied consent law that requires anyone who has a drivers license to take a blood, urine or breath test immediately at the request of a law enforcement officer. Refusing to take the tests CAN result in an immediate suspension of your license for up to 18 months.

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