Questions To Ask Your Criminal Defense Lawyer

Making The Right Decisions For Your Criminal Case

If you are arrested for a criminal offense, you should speak to a lawyer as soon as possible, as they will be needed to file motions with the court if you don’t wish to spend days, weeks or more in jail. But, don’t jump in too quickly. Hiring the attorney who is right for you is just as important. Every case is different, and lawyers aren’t necessarily interchangeable. So how do you know what to ask when choosing legal representation? Here are some questions that will help you make the best decision:

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Have you handled this kind of criminal case before?

Make sure that your choice is someone who has handled your type of charge. Additionally, an added attribute would be one who has experience on the local level. Those with limited exposure to your locality may issue guidance that could actually harm your case.

Who will be my point of contact?

Will you be speaking only to your attorney, multiple attorneys, paralegals or assistants? Bouncing around among personnel may cause delays and errors that might affect the outcome of your case. Does your contact prefer electronic communication or phone calls? Keeping your communications among as few people as possible is the most efficient and safest way to work with an attorney.

How do you charge for your time?

While fees will be directly associated with the kind of criminal charge that has been brought against you, an attorney will bill clients hourly or by a flat fee. Should you decide to part ways with your lawyer before a judgment has been rendered, will any advanced money be returned that hasn’t been spent on legal services?

What are my chances of success?

An experienced criminal defense attorney, while unable to see into the future, should give you a sense of how viable your case is. They should be honest about the possibilities. This also points back to the importance of having someone who has worked criminal trials in your county. They have access and understanding of the local court system that outsiders simply will not have. They know and have worked with the prosecutors and judges in the past.

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