Expunging And Sealing Criminal Records

What’s The Difference Between Expunged And Sealed?

To protect yourself or in an attempt to prevent prejudicial treatment from future employers, you may wish to have arrest, investigation or criminal records removed from the public view. That is, when and if a background check is performed via standard hiring practices, they will not be able to see that history and hence will not be able to use it against you. These motions can be applied for in a wide range of offenses, including misdemeanors and felonies.

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Sealed Records: Make your arrest or criminal background inaccessible without a court order.

Expunged Records: For all intents and purposes, thrown out or destroyed. Only law enforcement and judges would have access, assuming you repeated the crime or applied to become a police officer or other state/federal employee yourself.

In addition to employment opportunities, there are other reasons why you may want your records sealed or expunged:

  • Being accepted to schools or places of higher learning
  • To have the ability to rent or purchase a home
  • Having loans granted
  • Your immigration process could be affected, resulting in deportation

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Frank P. Bianco, P.A., can handle all documentation and filing with the correct agencies on your behalf. Additionally, as your lawyer, I represent you during any court hearing and make sure the right people from the state are signing on the dotted line. Not all criminal activities are eligible, so contact me, an experienced defense attorney, to find out if your criminal records are able to be expunged or sealed.

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