What Are Misdemeanors?

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There is a common misconception that because misdemeanors are considered minor crimes they will result in minor consequences. While the punishments for misdemeanors are less severe than for more serious crimes, they can significantly interfere with your work and home life and may result in up to one year of jail time. More importantly, the long-term consequences of a misdemeanor conviction can far outweigh the immediate impacts.

If you or someone you care about is charged with a misdemeanor crime it is important to seek expert counsel right away. Contact Frank P. Bianco, P.A. I live and work in Pasco County and have extensive experience defending misdemeanor cases.

What Are Misdemeanors?

There are two classes of misdemeanors in Florida. First-degree misdemeanors are those punishable by up to a year in jail and up to a $1,000 fine. Second-degree misdemeanors are those punishable by up to 60 days in jail and up to a $500 fine. Additional consequences, conditions and restrictions such as probation, orders of protection, driving or professional license suspension, loss of firearms rights and community service can also be imposed by the court.

A few common examples of misdemeanors in the Pasco County area include:

  • DUI first offense
  • Assault
  • Petty theft
  • Domestic violence
  • Driving or boating under the influence
  • Disorderly conduct
  • Criminal mischief
  • Vandalism

Don’t Take Chances With Your Future

Misdemeanor charges can have a serious impact on your future. For example they can:

  • Show on your record — even if you are found not guilty (a DUI will appear on your record for life)
  • Prevent you from getting a job in the future
  • Prevent acceptance to college or certain college programs
  • Prevent future records from being expunged
  • Influence future penalties

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Frank Bianco discusses what a misdemeanor can mean on your record

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An Experienced Misdemeanor Defense Attorney Can Make All The Difference

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Understanding the process and knowing the kinds of facts and information needed to support your case takes court experience. At Frank P. Bianco, P.A., I have successfully handled many misdemeanors cases.

You will speak directly with me right from the very first consultation and throughout the legal process. I will thoroughly investigate the circumstances of your case and may be able to introduce information that would not otherwise be considered. While you cannot communicate with victims, I can act as your intermediary and potentially change their view of the situation.

By becoming involved in your case as early as possible I have the best opportunity to reach the most favorable outcome for you including:

  • Having charges dropped, dismissed or reduced
  • Reaching a not guilty decision
  • Receiving lesser penalties or alternative sanctions (e.g., diversion programs)
  • Having your records sealed or expunged

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