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Whatever the circumstances, being accused of domestic battery is a serious issue. The initial decisions you make can mean all the difference for your future. At Frank P. Bianco, P.A., I live and work in Pasco County. When you need an experienced domestic violence defense attorney you can trust, I’m right here with you in New Port Richey.

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Choose An Experienced Pasco County Domestic Violence Defense Attorney Who Is 100% On Your Side

You will speak directly with me from your very first consultation and throughout your legal proceedings. During this troubling time you can feel confident that your case is being handled aggressively and expertly.

Why Having An Experienced Pasco County Domestic Battery Lawyer Is So Important

When emotions are running high it’s important to make responsible decisions. Having the guidance of an experienced domestic violence defense attorney right here in New Port Richey will greatly improve the chances of the most successful outcome possible.

Examples Of Things You Need To Know

  • Simple domestic battery (the most common charge) is a misdemeanor.
    • It can include spitting, grabbing, pushing or throwing objects.
    • There doesn’t need to be an injury.
  • Aggravated domestic battery is a felony.
    • It involves causing a serious injury or intent to cause a serious injury.
  • No contact is to be made with the victim while domestic battery charges are pending.
    • If there is contact, this is an additional charge and you will go to jail.
    • Prohibited contact includes direct and indirect (e.g., phone, text, email, internet, social, third party) contact.

Examples Of Things You Need To Do To File A Defense Against Domestic Violence Case

  • Keep calls and messages left by the alleged victim.
  • Photograph your injuries.
  • If a fall occurred, take a photo of what the alleged victim fell over.

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