Forfeiture Due To Drug Possession

Are You Being Forced To Give Up Your Belongings? Contact An Experienced Property Forfeiture Attorney At Frank P. Bianco, P.A.

If you have been arrested for drug trafficking, drug possession or drug transportation, there is a possibility that you will face property forfeiture as a penalty for those crimes. This is a particularly difficult defense because your available cash may be one of the asset categories that can be seized. Additionally, your home and its contents, automobile, business and firearms can be taken as well.

It becomes the burden of the accused to prove that all of these items were not used in conjunction with illegal activities. To protect your belongings and your cash, you need me, an attorney who specializes in both drug crimes and property forfeiture.

How Many Days Do You Have To Respond To A Forfeiture Notice?

Once the actions have been taken to proceed with asset forfeiture on the state level, you get 15 days after receiving their notice to file a request for a hearing. If the charges are being brought on the federal level, you only get 10 days to request a hearing. The best way to fight for your property is to first contact a lawyer who understands the ins and outs of the legal system. If you contact me, I can guide you through your hearing process to prevent you from losing your assets permanently.

Property Forfeiture Casts A Wide Net

Consider the following: You are pulled over for a traffic violation, and drugs are found in your car. Did you know that your car can be taken from you? It’s up to you to prove that your car was not being used in the commission of a drug crime, such as transportation. This is not something that is easily faced alone. Your home and everything you own could potentially be on the table for forfeiture, even for relatively small amounts of substances like marijuana or cocaine.