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Whether you have been charged with illegal prescription drug possession, a forged prescription or prescription drug trafficking, you are facing felony charges. Just having a fraudulent prescription in hand is a felony. This is a serious matter that can significantly affect the rest of your life. The most important decision you can make when facing such charges is the selection of a prescription drug lawyer that you can trust to fight for your rights. In Pasco County, I am a prescription drug attorney you can count on.

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Individuals are often arrested on prescription drug charges because they don’t understand the law or its ramifications. In many instances there are mitigating circumstances. Whatever the situation, you deserve an experienced prescription drug attorney to ensure that your rights are protected. My law firm — Frank P. Bianco, P.A. — is located in New Port Richey and will work with you to achieve the best possible outcome.

Important Information About Prescription Drug Charges

I live and work right here in New Port Richey. I am dedicated to supporting and educating my neighbors and protecting their rights. Here are some important things to know about prescription drug offenses:

  • Most common prescription drugs include OxyContin (Oxy/Roxy) and Xanax
  • Prescription violations can involve:
    • An actual forgery of a physician’s prescription
    • Transporting a legal prescription for someone else without having the prescription with you
    • Possession of more than 30 pills (can result in a trafficking charge)
  • Having an illegal prescription filled can be charged as “trafficking” which carries a mandatory state prison sentence if you are convicted — even without a prior record.

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