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Distracted driving can spark criminal charges, civil penalties

Every driver in Florida should know that driving while being distracted is extremely dangerous. Unfortunately, people all across the state continue to do things like text, browse the Internet and talk on the phone. All of these behaviors can prove to be very distracting in that they take a driver’s attention, eyes and hands away from the task of driving.

When this happens, a driver can lose control of a vehicle in the blink of an eye and crash into other motorists and pedestrians. Those few moments can destroy the lives of everyone involved in the crash. Not only can distracted driving lead to devastating injuries for victims, it can also lead to criminal and civil charges for the driver at fault.

For example, a teen driver in another state was charged with involuntary manslaughter after he swerved into oncoming traffic, causing another driver to swerve and crash into a tree. She died as a result of the crash. Reports indicate that the teen driver was texting while he was driving.

In addition to the manslaughter charge, the young man responsible for the crash was also charged with reckless and careless driving in addition to homicide by vehicle.

Sadly, situations like this happen all too frequently: People get distracted, cause an accident and get handed criminal penalties and/or fines. Still people fail to recognize that they are putting other people’s lives in danger when they text and drive. This can be enormously frustrating for the victims of these accidents and the loved ones left behind when a crash is fatal.

This is why many people affected by a distracted driving accident choose to take legal action of their own, regardless of whether criminal charges have been filed. Filing a civil lawsuit against a negligent, reckless driver can help people regain a sense of control over the situation and find some sense of closure through accountability. Further, financial compensation can help people cope with the damages suffered as a result of a serious accident.