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Distracted driving leads to car accidents

Have you ever been driving and witnessed someone trying to text and drive? This is very dangerous and is a really bad habit. The person doing this doesn’t realize he or she may be driving dangerously enough to cause an accident.

A report by Huffington Post was issued that said that 48 percent of all adult drivers have been driving and texting at the same time. The report states that 98 percent of adults knew that this action was dangerous and unsafe. On average, nine people die every day from distracted driving, which includes talking on a cellphone, texting and even eating, among other activities.

Some people have even been stopped by police and found to be reading a book. One in four car accidents involved a cellphone in some capacity. This is a staggering number and must not be ignored.

A full 40 percent of all teens say that they have been in a car when the driver was texting or talking on his or her cellphone and made these teens feel unsafe, according to the Huffington Post. Can you imagine the accident that could happen if the driver is inexperienced and driving while distracted?

At the law firm of Frank P. Bianco P.A., we know the stress that follows you if you have been in a car accident. There are medical bills that might include long term health care, such as rehabilitation. You may have to stay home from your job so there may be lost wages. Finally, there is your own pain and suffering.

You may have lost a loved one in a car accident and need to recover emotionally from this. We will deal with the insurance company and can represent you in a court case, giving you time to focus on healing.