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Do I Have a Personal Injury Case?

Do You Have a Personal Injury Case?

“Do I have a case?” is a question many people ask when they’ve been injured or lost a family member due to someone else’s mistake or carelessness. It’s a good question to ask because while you may deserve compensation for your injury or loss, doesn’t mean you have a successful personal injury claim.

When trying to determine whether you have a personal injury case, you will need to start with the three primary requirements for a personal injury claim:

  • Responsible Party was Negligent
  • The Personal Injury was Caused by the Negligence
  • The Injury Resulted in Harm – Compensatory Damages

The above three requirements are the basis for a personal injury case and must be met in order for a successful claim. To better understand these requirements, we’ll break them down a bit in more detail:

Responsible Party was Negligent

For this, you will need to prove that the person or party responsible for the injury was careless or negligent. For example, if a driver ran a red light, or broke a driving law in general, that resulted in an accident which caused the injury this would be considered negligent under the law.

The Personal Injury was Caused by the Negligence

The next step in determining if you have grounds for a personal injury case will be to show that the aforementioned negligence was the cause of the personal injury. If, for instance, the previously mentioned driver who ran the red light hit your vehicle because of running the light, resulting in personal injury such as whiplash or a broken bone, the driver’s negligence would be considered to have caused the personal injury.

The Injury Resulted in Harm

Finally, when determining whether you have a case for personal injury, you will need to show that the personal injury sustained from the negligence did, in fact, result in monetary damages. In other words, did the injury cost you money? This would be things like medical bills, loss of work, etc.

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