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Do You Need a Lawyer After a Car Accident

The option of hiring a lawyer or not after a car accident will depend mostly on the severity of the accident and the recorded injuries. In the case that no one was hurt or the injuries are minor enough where they would not hinder your ability to perform everyday tasks you likely would not need an attorney.

Insurance providers can quickly take care of damages from minor car accidents. This would include car repairs, medical bills, and other minor financial claims.

Accidents Resulting in Damages of More than $1,000

However, if you were engaged in a fatal car accident, then you may require the service of a well-seasoned personal injury attorney that will help fight for your interests, making sure you get the best compensation you deserve.

Unless you were in an accident that resulted in injury, death or damages with a total cost that exceeds $1,000 then you should contact a lawyer immediately. Damages less than that should be brought to small claims court or dealt through your insurance company as it would end up costing you more if you were to hire a lawyer.

How an Attorney Can Help Following a Car Accident

Subsequent to any major car accident, a lawyer needs to be on the scene, as he will be in the best position to help you recover money for any damage to your car & personal belongings.

The lawyer will fight for your benefit to help secure funds for past & future medical treatment. He or she will put evidence together to prove that you were not at fault in the car accident.

A lawyer knows the right language and words to communicate with insurance company representatives on your behalf. A fatal car accident can be devastating and mystifying. Hiring a lawyer to represent and be your advocate will allow you concentrate more on what’s most significant, and that’s recovering from your injuries.

Since accidents involving terrible injuries or death can result in a complex lawsuit, it is advised to hire a lawyer who will be able to help file a personal injury lawsuit against the defendant. When done by an expert, you will be able to get back the cost of medical treatment for your injuries among other claims.

Get Representation for Your Car Accident in New Port Richey, Florida

Never represent yourself in a lawsuit that has to do with a serious car accident. They are complex cases that require expert advice. It is the lawyer who will help calculate the amount of compensation that is due to you following the accident. They will also lead you through the legal procedures, and fight for you against any possible counterclaims.

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