Driver hits pedestrian in Florida, flees the scene

Driving a car is something people do all the time without stopping to think about what a huge responsibility it is. However, every time you get behind the wheel, you are expected to drive safely and avoid any behaviors that could put other people in danger.

But no one is perfect and accidents can and do happen. When they do, drivers have a duty to stop and call for help, if necessary. Unfortunately, not everyone does this and victims can be left injured and helpless when a driver doesn’t stop to help. These hit-and-run accidents can be devastating for victims and many, like one recent crash in Florida, are fatal.

According to reports, a man was walking on the sidewalk late one evening. For some unknown reason, he tripped or slipped and fell into the road. While he was in the road, a car came by and struck him. The driver never stopped to help the man or call an ambulance; he or she fled the scene. The man died from the severe injuries he suffered.

Sadly, there are more questions than answers in this case. Police reportedly are not sure what type of vehicle hit the man or who was driving it. They don’t know if the driver was drunk, distracted or didn’t even realize he or she hit the man. They are hoping that witnesses to the crash will speak up and tell police what, if anything, they saw that night.

These types of pedestrian accidents are especially devastating for a victim’s loved ones as there are so many details that remain unknown. However, hit-and-run accidents can be investigated and more details can be uncovered which can help a victim’s family to understand what happened. In some cases, it can be helpful to speak with an attorney who can investigate the accident and work to identify and hold responsible the parties involved in the crash.

Source: Tampa Bay Times, “St. Petersburg man dies in hit and run crash early Saturday,” Sept. 5, 2015

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