Even minor fender-benders can cause major damages

When people think of car accident scenes, we often imagine a crushed, disabled car on the side of the road and emergency responders loading seriously injured victims into ambulances. We imagine debris scattered on roadways, curious bystanders crowding into the area and traffic congestion.

However, accidents don’t always involve this amount of activity. In many cases, in fact, there is little or no visible damage; other people in the area may not even realize that there was a collision. After these minor accidents, it can be easy to think that if you can’t immediately see the damage or if it seems to be minor, you have nothing to worry about. Unfortunately, this is not always the case.

Even in fender-bender accidents, there is the potential for damage to motorists and their vehicles. However, because these accidents happen at low speeds, many people assume that they couldn’t possibly cause any problems.

This can be a costly and dangerous assumption. After a fender-bender, there can be damage done that you just cannot see right away. Unless it is addressed, the damage can get worse over time.

For example, you may not see any damage to your car, but unless you are experienced with how cars operate you may be overlooking some critical issues inside the vehicle. As noted in this article on ABC News, even high-end cars can be seriously damaged in minor collisions. Headlights and hoods can be damaged; if the other vehicle slides under the bumper in the crash, the car’s engine, alignment and structure could be compromised requiring expensive repairs.

Your body can also suffer damage that is not immediately noticeable. It is not unusual for people to experience chronic pain and injuries after any type of collisions, no matter how minor. Seeing a doctor and getting an examination after a crash can be crucial.

People are often hesitant to seek help after a minor accident. However, even if you can’t see the damage right away, you could be dealing with some serious problems in terms of your car and your health. If you are in a fender-bender, it can be wise to still exchange insurance information, document the incident, take pictures and talk to an attorney who can help you deal with insurance companies and/or negligent parties.

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