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Even in single-bike crashes, victims may still have a legal claim

We often discuss motorcycle accidents in the context of multi-vehicle crashes. It is sadly not uncommon for a biker to be struck by another vehicle on roads throughout Pasco County, but that is not the only type of incident that can lead to serious injuries for motorcyclists.

There are also situations in which a rider is injured in a crash involving no other vehicles. Oftentimes, these accidents are caused by the rider’s own actions and decisions while driving. However, there are single-vehicle accidents that are caused by third parties; in these situations, victims may have grounds to file a legal claim pursuing compensation for damages.

Two of the more common claims that are filed in this type of accident are product liability and premises liability claims.

Product liability claims may be filed in the event that a defective product on the bike caused an accident. For instance, recently it was reported that certain models of Honda bikes were being recalled because they were made with a defective product that affected brake valves. Reports of dragging and unexpected braking were made and there were fears over the resulting increased risk of crashing.

If a crash happens because of poorly maintained properties or road conditions, a rider injured in a crash may have grounds to pursue a premises liability claim. In order to do this, the victim would have to show that a property owner knew about a dangerous condition and either ignored it or failed to take sufficient steps to address it and warn others.

These claims can be particularly complicated but they may very well be appropriate in the event that a rider is injured in an accident caused by the action or inaction of a third party.

Even if you are the only person involved in a motorcycle crash, there may be factors outside your control that contributed to the accident and are indications of negligence. Discussing your situation and your legal options with an attorney can help you understand what, if any, financial compensation you may be eligible to pursue.