How do I file an insurance claim after a motorcycle accident?

Driving a motorcycle down a sunny Florida highway is an exhilarating experience. However, it can also be dangerous. If you happen to find yourself involved in an accident, one of the first things you need to do is file an insurance claim and go through the claims process. According to Esurance Insurance Services, you may have to get your bike inspected as a part of the insurance claims process, which involves a representative from the insurance company looking over your motorcycle.

However, before anything can be done, you must file your claim and provide information that can be used to learn more about the accident and the damage done to your bike. This involves providing all of your contact details, along with the contact, insurance and identification information for anyone else involved in the accident and the contact information for any witnesses. You will also need to provide information on all the vehicles involved, such as plate numbers, makes and models. Finally, you need to provide photos of the damage.

After you have submitted your information and any inspections have been done, an adjuster will complete a report. This report will detail the costs of repairing the damages. Your insurance representative will go over your coverage and the damage to create a settlement amount that the company is willing to pay. If the damages cost more than the motorcycle is worth, then it could be considered a total loss, which means the insurance company will pay you the value of the bike as stated in your policy.

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