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Florida drunk driving accidents

Generally speaking, the majority of Florida drivers do everything they can to avoid getting into a fatal or injurious car accident. They take these precautions not only for their own safety and benefit, but also for the safety and benefit of the other Florida residents with whom they share the roadway. It is important to note, however, that there are still a select few individuals who regularly fail to drive responsibly, violate driving laws, and endanger other citizens on the road. The worst of this kind of behavior involves drunk driving.

The decision to drive drunk is a choice. Every human being has the ability to refrain from driving while inebriated by alcohol. Nevertheless, every single day, reckless drivers take the roads when they are too drunk to drive. Unfortunately, these drunk drivers are highly likely to cause a fatal or injurious crash, and the chances only get worse the longer they engage in the behavior.

Florida law frowns upon drunk driving, and our criminal court system will seek to punish those who are guilty of the offense. Furthermore, people who are injured — or family members of people who are killed — will have the ability to seek financial compensation in court for their injuries and losses. Such compensation may include money to pay for medical care, compensation for pain and suffering, money for permanent and/or temporary disability, money to pay for end of life expenses, money to pay for the costs of pursuing a legal action and other financial damages.

Bianco & Mansfield, PA, is a Tampa-based personal injury law firm that represents the victims of drunk driving car accidents. If you have been hurt by such an incident, we are available to talk to you about the pursuit of a lawsuit on your behalf.