Florida’s dram shop law

Florida’s dram shop laws are laws regarding the liability of those that sell or serve alcohol. Specifically, as explained by Mothers Against Drunk Driving, it is a law that holds someone liable if he or she sells alcohol to a minor or visibly intoxicated person who later is involved in a car accident that injures or hurts someone else. Not every state has such laws, and each state can create their laws based on different criteria. In Florida, the law is limited.

The liability law as stated by the Florida Legislature covers those who sell or provide alcohol. So, this includes more than just businesses that sell alcohol. It could include anyone who gives or allows someone to drink alcohol. The law does include liability for any injuries or damages caused by the person, but it is not just limited to car accidents in the language of the statute. In addition, the provider of the alcohol is only held responsible if the alcohol is given or sold to someone who is addicted to alcohol or who is a minor. There is no liability for selling or providing alcohol to someone not addicted or who is of legal age.

Based on the law, if a person provides alcohol to minors at a party, then that person would be liable if any of the partygoers caused damage or injury upon leaving. However, if the alcohol was served to people who are all 21 or older, then there would be no liability. Similarly, someone served at a bar won’t produce any liability unless they are under 21 or a known alcoholic.

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