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Grocery Store Slip & Fall

Grocery Store Slip & Fall Attorney | Florida Supermarket Injury

What is the law on injuries in grocery stores in Florida?

In Florida, and every other state around the world; one of the most common commercial premise accidents is slipping and falling. This can be as a result of wet floor, spilled milk, oil, food, or banana peels – among others. Such slip and fall accidents can take place in the aisles, by the mall registers, checkout lines, restrooms, parking lots, lobbies, sidewalks, etc. The law on slip and fall injury in grocery stores in Florida requires that damages must be evaluated and settlements made where required.

In case you slip and fall within this context, you may have to seek out the assistance of a Florida Grocery Store slip and fall injury attorney. Only a certified Florida grocery store accident attorney can help you evaluate situations and see that you are fully compensated.

Florida accident law states that – a business owner has vital obligations towards a customer, and this includes:

  • That the business area (i.e. grocery store) must maintain their property. This includes the obligation to ensure that they take care of the environment and carry out inspection to learn of any slippery or potential accident situation within the premise.
  • The business owner or manager must warn of such potential hazard where found. 

If you are a customer who has suffered Grocery slip and fall injury in Florida as a result of wet floor, or some other slippery element, the types of damages recoverable for neglect may vary. A Florida injury accident attorney may be able to assert a claim based on:

  • Level of pain and suffering incurred. These include torn muscles, fractures, spinal injuries, head injuries, and broken bones among others.
  • disability
  • psychological damages
  • other medical expenses
  • loss of earnings or wages as a result of missing out on work due to injury
  • inability to earn money in the future
  • Among others…

Wherever you live in Florida, if you slip and fall at a grocery store or any other type of business establishment – bear in mind that this is an issue best suited for Florida accident and injury attorneys to handle.

An attorney will help analyze a particular accident and the grocery injury accident law that may best apply to the situation for lawsuit.

How a Florida Personal Injury Attorney Can Help?

In case the grocery store is claiming that they didn’t have time to clean the spill and prevent your fall accident, an attorney can help you. A popular argument that the defense in a slip and fall situation utilizes – is that the store’s cleaning team had no time to take care of the spill before the customer was injured.

A skilled attorney in Florida for slip and fall accident can help you build a strong case and win. The earlier you contact one, the better your chances to win accident claims.

How A Good Supermarket Slip & Fall Lawyer Can Help

Whether you’ve slipped or fallen in a public place or private location there are things you need to know. The expert advice of an experienced Pasco County slip-and-fall attorney can make all the difference.

Here are just a few examples of the kinds of information that can be extremely helpful.

  • In order for a business or individual to be considered responsible for your fall, they need to have known that a dangerous situation existed and did not take steps to remedy the situation or appropriately warn you of the situation.
  • Failure to follow policies and procedures related to safety or safety surveillance can also be grounds for negligence.
  • Steps you should take if possible:
    • Take pictures of the accident site.
    • Go to an ER to get evaluated.
    • Don’t wash the clothes you were wearing at the time of the accident.
    • If you fill out an incident report get a copy immediately.
    • Don’t give a recorded statement without an attorney.

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