What happens after a drunk driving accident?

What happens after a drunk driving accident?

If someone drinks and drives, he or she may get caught by the police and have to do a field sobriety test that leads to a Breathalyzer if the authorities see that the field sobriety test was unsuccessful. This goes on the person’s record and is classified as a “driving under the influence” charge. Drunk driving accidents cause property damage, serious injury and sometimes even death. One day you are driving along following the road signs and lights as usual and then the next second you are struck by another vehicle and you are injured.

“Reasonable suspicion” that a law may have been broken can allow the police to temporarily detain the driver who caused the accident. The police may ask one or more people at this point whether the driver of the car had been drinking. They have the right to look inside the suspicious car to see if beer or liquor bottles are in evidence and out in the open. If it appears that the driver has been drinking and is over the .08 blood alcohol content that the state of Florida says is the threshold of legal drinking, further investigation can be made.

In other words, if a cursory investigation leads the police to believe that the driver was most likely under the influence of alcohol after the BAC is administered, then the officer has probable cause to make an arrest.

If you or a loved one have been involved in a drunk driving accident that caused you injury, you may want to look for an attorney who has the experience to deal with not just the pushy insurance agent who keeps calling but also the court case that may come about. You need a decent settlement that will repair your car, pay for your astronomic medical bills, rehabilitation and for the lost wages that you need to pay your bills.

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