What happens when there is a fatality in a car accident?

What Happens When There Is A Fatality In A Car Accident

Things you may not know may add further problems to an already tragic situation

Every year, over 40,000 people in the United States die in car crashes. Despite having safer automobiles on the road, there are more drivers. This equates to more chances for human error. Car fatalities are unexpected and quickly tear at the fabric of families and communities across the country. While nothing can replace a member of your family, large financial voids are typically left behind – particularly if the deceased was the sole or contributing income earner. Additionally, possible medical costs and the inevitable funeral expenses can lead to economic ruin for some households.

The attorneys at Bianco Law will represent your best interests in court to ensure the most favorable outcome.

Will auto insurance compensate for car accidents that result in death?

Many people soon discover that insurance companies are not quick to provide remuneration for damages. In many cases, they will fight to avoid paying and have the resources to do so. There have actually been cases where the victim’s insurance company hires lawyers to defend the other driver. Most of the public carries only the minimum amount of coverage to keep their costs down, such as $25,000 in uninsured motorist insurance. Will $25,000 really be substantial enough to compensate your family should the sole earner of your family be killed?

You need great car accident attorneys in your corner

At Bianco & Mansfield, we have many years of experience working auto fatality cases in Florida. We meticulously investigate the circumstances and evidence involved in the car crash. While you focus on the long process of healing both mentally and physically, we will be out there for you working tirelessly to seek damages for lost wages and possibly wrongful death. Additionally, we will also try to recapture out-of-pocket expenses, such as ambulance, funeral, and medical costs.

Since there are regulations that place a time limit on when legal proceedings may be brought against insurance companies and those responsible for the accident, it is essential that you contact us quickly.

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