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Who is Held Responsible For a Driver-Less Vehicle Accident?

Who is Held Responsible For a Driver-Less Vehicle Accident?

Driver-less vehicles are already on the road and may be something that is available to the masses in Florida as soon as next year. It is normal for you to be concerned with who would be held responsible if there was an accident involving one of these vehicles. According to MarketWatch, Inc., the biggest concern is whether the liability would fall on the insurance company or the manufacturer of the self-driving car.

Who’s To Blame When A Driverless Car Crashes

It likely will depend on exactly what caused the accident. If it was a mechanical or computer error, then liability may fall with the car manufacturer. However, it is not that cut and dry. One manufacturer, Tesla, has already stated that it would not be liable for accidents. Another company, Volvo, stated that it would be liable. So, even among manufacturers, it is not clear who is liable if a self-driving vehicle is responsible for an accident.

Driverless Cars Are Still Years From Being Common

The likelihood that this is something that you should be concerned about anytime soon, though, is low. The turnover rate for getting new cars on the road is slow. So, even though self-driving vehicles are likely to begin being introduced in the next year or two, they will not likely be plentiful on the roads. Instead, vehicles are more likely to have driver-assisted technology, which still keeps you completely in control and removes the concern of the technology involving you in an accident.

While this information should not be taken as legal advice, it can help you understand the ideas and situations better.

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