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Improve your visibility to other motorists

Over the last few years, motorcycles have become more popular as a way to see Tampa and the surrounding area. However, here at Frank P. Bianco PA, we know that motorcycles are not without risk and if you are hit by a motorist, one of the things you may hear is that the motorist didn’t see you. However, there are ways that you can improve your visibility on the road and lower your chances of getting into a collision.

Ride Smart Florida states that one way you can accomplish this is by adding reflective tape to parts of your bike such as your panniers and saddlebags. There are a number of options to choose from, depending on whether you plan to ride your bike out at night or just during the day. You can also install custom reflectors on your bike as well as a headlight modulator that has been approved by the Department of Transportation.

If you ride a newer bike, it should have daytime running lights but if you have an older bike, you may not have this feature. Regardless, it is illegal in Florida to ride on a bike without lights on. This is a safety requirement that will help motorists spot you as you are moving in traffic.

When you are in traffic, it is a good idea to keep aware of the location of other vehicles. In this manner, you can position yourself in a spot where your visibility is greatest. You should also avoid putting yourself too close to other cars, especially if there is a lot of traffic as this can make your bike invisible to some motorists.

The clothing you wear can also help make it easier for drivers to spot you. In warmer weather, try to wear bright colors or at least a vest that has reflective material on it. Jackets and helmets can easily be adorned with reflective stickers or tape in a design that echoes your personal style while also catching the attention of others around you. Patches, stripes, skull and cross bones, flames, thunder bolts and other designs can create a cool effect while helping you stay safe. For more information about collisions involving motorcycle accidents, please visit our web page.