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Increased Focus on Stopping Shoplifting In Effect

The new tactics businesses are taking against theft

The days of being eyed by a store associate from the end of the store aisle are long gone. With the cost of surveillance technology becoming increasingly affordable, it now only takes a minor investment by both small and large businesses to implement a security system aimed at preventing shoplifters from getting away. The industry term is ‘Stop Loss’ and we are seeing more and more action being taken by store owners to not only attack this problem, but publicly shame the ones that are caught.

Large chains leading the way

Businesses like Walmart and Target are taking it to the next level by combining video surveillance and undercover operatives that walk around their stores pretending to be customers. These operatives are not always store security either, they are, at times, law enforcement deputies or hired security consultants. Recent sting operations have netted hundreds of arrests, preventing thousands of dollars in merchandise from being stolen. A single Walmart location boasted over 220 arrests in 2012 alone.

Look to experience for help

Whether you are an adult or a juvenile, the penalties can be severe. What’s more, local media, police blotters, and other online resources can and will post your name so that it can be easily found. This can have a detrimental effect on your future, particularly when it comes to employment or military enlistment. You may even have your driver’s license suspended.

Under these circumstances, a good defense attorney can be the key to having your record purged or sealed.

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