Increasing awareness of motorcycles on Florida roadways

In Florida, motorcycle safety is taken very seriously. There are a number of agencies and organizations that work towards making sure that awareness is spread and steps are taken to reduce accidents. One such organization is Ride Smart Florida, which is a part of the Florida Motorcycle Safety Coalition, and is responsible for providing resources and other information to help reduce motorcycle accidents.

The organization actively promotes safety through events and social media. The name of the organization is an acronym for safe riding tips.  The “s” reminds riders to say no to drinking and driving. The “m” represents being visible to motorists. The “a” is for always remembering to wear a helmet. The “r” states to ride safely by following all road rules and safety guidelines, and the “t” covers getting training and proper license endorsement.

Ride Smart Florida is also an extension of the Florida Department of Transportation. FDOT has created the Motorcycle Safety Strategic Plan to help increase the security of motorcycles on state roadways. It focuses on the areas of creating strategies, developing performance measures and identifying goals to help reduce motorcycle accidents and increase awareness of riders. The MSSP covers topics that include the use of protective gear, rider training, motorist awareness, driving without a license and impaired driving.

FDOT partners with a range of organizations to promote its messages. Some groups that work with the department include motorcycle clubs, insurance industry representatives, local law enforcement agencies and safety councils.

In addition to the MSSP, FDOT also hosts events regularly to promote its goals. It is a sponsor of Daytona Bike Week and Biketoberfest. It produces literature, YouTube videos and campaigns to spread information and awareness throughout the state.

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