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Learning the truth about road rage

Road rage incidents occur on a daily basis. Sometimes the results are minor and leave people just upset, but other times, they can have a deadly end. Understanding more about road rage can help Florida drivers to avoid a terrible situation.

Road rage includes any behaviors that are aggressive, such as yelling at or cutting off another vehicle, using obscene gestures, excessive honking, blocking another vehicle so they cannot move and tailgating. In severe cases, road rage may lead to physical altercations and possibly even shooting incidents.

One extreme example of road rage on the Florida roadways occurred in Lutz earlier this year. As reported, by The Washington Post, the road rage incident involved a car and a motorcycle. The car fled from the scene after it ran over the smaller machine and the entire confrontation was captured on video. While there were no major injuries in this incident to the biker or his passenger, the results could have easily been fatal.

NBC News cited a recent study, which shows that the percentage of people who have admitted to experiencing road rage was almost 80 percent. If drivers feel threatened by another motorist, they should immediately find a public place or first responder’s location, or call 9-1-1. One of the best ways for drivers to avoid getting involved in a terrible situation is to simply avoid all contact with a driver who is acting erratically. Shouting at a driver, using gestures or reacting in a similar manner will only serve to infuriate the other driver and escalate the situation.