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Motorcycle crashes: often fatal, always troubling

When two vehicles collide, they will likely both sustain some type of damage. However, the amount of damage can vary considerably when one vehicle is much larger than the other vehicle.

This is just one reason why crashes involving motorcycles are often so catastrophic for motorcyclists, as they are among the smallest vehicles on the road. However, there are a number of reasons why collisions involving motorcycles can often be some of the most devastating.

To begin with, many motorcycle accidents happen on Florida highways. This means vehicles are traveling at very high speeds. Whether a car brushes, bumps or directly hits a motorcycle, the biker can easily be thrown from the bike with great force or even crushed. The injuries suffered in these high-speed collisions are often fatal.

Even if an accident happens at relatively low speeds, injuries can be serious because a bike is less stable than a car. For instance, if a motorcyclist is traveling on a road going just 30 mph and a car pulls out right in front of the biker, the motorcyclist can easily lose balance or control of the bike and fall. This can lead to serious lacerations, broken bones and even brain and spinal cord trauma.

Finally, the fact that bikers are less protected from the elements than people in cars means that they can be more seriously injured in a crash. In many accidents, people in cars are protected by the structure of their cars, seat belts and airbags. Motorcyclists, on the other hand, are typically thrown from a bike and can end up in the middle of traffic or another hazardous area.

The fact that motorcyclists face these and other unique and serious risks in a crash means that their injuries are often critical. In the event of a crash, the first priority should always be to get medical attention as soon as possible. Once that has been secured, it can be important to then speak with an attorney who can provide some guidance on taking legal action to secure compensation for what are likely to be considerable damages.