Motorcycle licensing and insurance requirements in Florida

To legally operate a two-wheel motor vehicle on Florida roadways, a person must meet specific requirements. Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles states there are two options: a motorcycle only license or a driver’s license that contains an endorsement for motorized bikes with a greater than 50 cc engine size. For either, a person must be at least 16 years old, and complete and pass one of the Basic RiderCourses. To add an endorsement, a person must first hold a Class E license. This requires successfully completing the Class E knowledge test in addition to the required training course for bikers. If a person is under 18, he or she must also have had a leaner’s permit for at least one year with a clean driving record.

For drivers coming from out of state, it is important to note that nearly all endorsements are recognized without any further requirements. The only exception is licensed riders from Alabama. Before an endorsement is granted, they must complete or show proof they have completed the appropriate training course.

When it comes to insurance, Ride Smart Florida says it is not required for an operator to be legal on the road, but it is highly recommended. If an accident occurs where there is damage over $500 or injuries, and the operator is found to be at fault, then there is a risk of having driving privileges suspended, or the rider might be required to get an SR-22 certificate. To avoid this penalty, proof of full coverage must be presented. The policy must be effective the date of the collision and offer 10/20/10 coverage to be acceptable.

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