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Multiple people injured in car-pedestrian-bike crash

When people think about a pedestrian accident, they often think of one involving a single car and one pedestrian. However, in reality, many crashes involve multiple vehicles and many different victims which can make it very difficult to unravel the details of what happened and who is to blame.

It is quite common for car-pedestrian accidents to happen at intersections. There are a lot people heading in different directions; some people are obeying traffic signals, others are not. Between this and the visibility problems that can also be an issue in these environments, one wrong move can set off a chain of events that leave several people hurt.

Tracing back these events to find that initial bad move can be a serious challenge. Investigators, insurance companies and police are often involved and try to recreate the crash or track down evidence that help them put the puzzle pieces together.

That is likely what is happening after a recent crash outside of Tampa left four people — two drivers, a pedestrian and a bicyclist — with injuries.

Reports state that the crash occurred at an intersection when one driver turning left was hit by a Jeep coming through the intersection. The turning vehicle hit a third car while the Jeep then crashed into the pedestrian and the bicyclist.

Figuring out what factors were involved in accidents like this one can be tricky. Was it just an unfortunate series of events stemming from poor visibility? Was one driver texting? Did someone go against a red light? Did one of the vehicles involved have a defect that prevented it from stopping properly? Was anyone impaired? Investigating these details will be crucial in determining liability.

Once liability can be established, victims who have suffered damages can assess their options for pursuing compensation from one or multiple parties. Having an attorney by your side throughout the investigation and any legal action taken afterward can be crucial if you are in this difficult situation, as he or she can protect your rights and help you understand your options.

Source: Tampa Bay Times, “Pedestrian and bicyclist hospitalized after three-vehicle crash in Dunedin,” Dec. 30, 2015