The New Drug Epidemic – Not so new Heroin!

The New Drug Epidemic – Not so new Heroin!

According to an article in the Washington Post this country is experiencing an explosion of Heroin overdoses. In Washington County, Pa. , a County of 200,000 people, they recently suffered 16 overdoses in 24 hours and 25 in two days–all as a result of Heroin abuse. Three of those people died.

If it was not for the first responders being equipped with Nloxone–a fast acting antidote–many more could have died. The United States averages 110 overdose deaths from legal and illegal drugs every day. The Heroin death toll has quadrupled in the decade that ended in 2013. It is now getting worse. In Washington County alone there have been more than 50 fatal overdoses this year.

The crack down on  the “oxie and roxie” pain pill mills , as well as the low cost of Heroin has led to this current situation that is growing out of control. Prescription drugs cost about $20 for a dose while $8 will buy someone a bag of Heroin.The affected communities are pleading for more rehabilitation beds as incarceration does not eliminate the problem.

Education of the dangers of drug abuse as well as a recognition of ways to help combate the problem, outside of incarceration,must be considered to help these communities — because the next affected community may be yours!

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