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Possession of Fraudulent Prescriptions

Possession Of Prescription Drugs – New Port Richey, FL

One of the areas of concern to our firm in the criminal law is the possession of fraudulent prescriptions for pills. Just the simple possession of the prescription can result in a felony criminal drug charge.

By presenting said script to a pharmacy the receipt of the drugs can result in a separate felony charge and, if enough pills are received, the charge may be enhanced to a charge of trafficking in drugs which carry mandatory state prison sentences as well as high fines.

The misimpression that some clients have is that if the drugs are for personal use they believe the enhancement to trafficking is not applicable.

This is entirely incorrect.

Prescription Drug Charges Can Be A Felony

The simple possession of the requisite amount of pills is sufficient to trigger the trafficking penalties. Intent of what they were to be used for is not considered or a defense in a criminal case. As Florida has been recognized as being the epicenter of prescription abuse in this country, we can expect the state legislature to react and enact stronger laws carrying stiffer penalties.

Local law enforcement appears to be focusing more of their assets on the investigation, identifications and prosecution of Doctors, clinics and pharmacies that allow and participate in the distribution of controlled substances based on fraud. These areas will continue to be in the “news” in the foreseeable future.

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