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Protect hands from serious injuries with motorcycle gloves

A motorcycle accident can cause serious injury to any part of the body, but protective gear can help lower some of the risks, as discussed in a previous post on the importance of helmets during motorcycle accidents. It can be easy to overlook the hands when gearing up, despite the fact that they control the motorcycle and are often the body parts at the most forward position when riding. Fortunately, gloves are available to help protect motorcyclist’s hands. A 2011 George Institute study showed that wearing safety gear such as gloves decreased motorcyclists’ risks of requiring hospital care.

An article posted on RideApart explains some of the fundamentals of good motorcycle gloves and some considerations for selecting them to suit a particular rider’s style and needs.

RideApart identifies four primary criteria for choosing a pair of motorcycle gloves.

  • Bells and whistles — It’s important to compare extras in gloves such as additional safety features to find the best-suited pair.
  • What the gloves feel like when worn — They shouldn’t restrict or interfere with finger movement or the sense of touch.
  • How well the gloves fit — Ideally, they follow the curves and shape of the hand closely and are snug without being too tight.
  • How the gloves are made — Build quality should be scrutinized, including material and how the stitches are done.

Careful consideration should be given to the type of riding that will be done and the kind of motorcycle. Different styles of bikes could profoundly impact the suitability of a given pair of gloves.