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The Risks of Synthetic Drugs

What You Need to Know

Synthetic drugs are compounds that have similar effects on the mind and body as illegal drugs, but exist just outside of the law. While local governments scramble to enact ordinances and get legal precedents on the books, these substances can be bought and sold practically risk-free without much danger of incarceration.

The components of most synthetic drugs are legal, so it makes it difficult for any arrests to be made for distribution – especially since law enforcement is required to prove that you intend to use these ingredients for illicit purposes. You may have heard their names in the news: K2, Bath Salts, Herbal Incense or Spice, to name a few.

Social Pressure on Retailers

Until laws are passed forbidding these substances, you may find local convenience stores selling these products to adults and teens alike. While Bath Salts have been made illegal in many states, there is always the next unregulated substance.

Efforts are being made on the local level to get merchants to agree with county Sheriffs’ offices not to engage or advertise in the marketing of synthetics. Stores that are willing participants in the prohibition of these drugs are sometimes given a sticker to display that says ‘Drug Free’.

Health Issues Related to Synthetic Drugs

You never know what recipe is being concocted next. As lawmakers move to classify more and more synthetic drugs as Schedule I narcotics, a newer and less illegal substance pops up to replace it. Users of substances like Bath Salts and Spice have experienced symptoms such as: heart palpitations, panic attacks, violent behavior, heart attack, kidney/liver failure, and suicidal tendencies.

Studies to examine the long-term effects of these drugs are largely non-existent. For the moment, the data is being made available by psychiatrists treating patients with chemical dependencies. They are finding that drugs such as synthetic cannabis are actually more likely to induce a psychotic episode than regular cannabis. Some also exhibit withdrawal symptoms.

Don’t take chances with your life.