Legal guidance crucial for riders after motorcycle crash

Motorcyclists are often painted as rebellious, dangerous people on the road. There are some people who think bikers are always weaving through traffic, speeding down the highway or just generally causing trouble for other people on the road. However, the fact is that motorcyclists are just like any other kind of motorist. Many are safe, responsible and considerate of other people around them. Still, there … Read More

Personal Injury – Slip and falls

There are a great many difficulties and obstacles to overcome if one is to successfully pursue a “slip and fall” claim against a responsible party. This blog will highlight a few areas of concern for any potential claim by an injured party. Who is the responsible party? Often a business is not responsible for areas outside of their particular store front. One must determine who … Read More

After a car crash, injuries may not always be immediately obvious

Take a second and think of a car accident scene. You might be thinking of several crumpled up cars and trucks, police cars and sirens, roads scattered with debris and seriously-injured victims being loaded into ambulances on gurneys. This type of scene is certainly not uncommon when it comes to serious crashes. However, there are thousands of accidents that occur where the scene is less … Read More

Common Causes of Bicycle and Pedestrian Accidents

There are many ways it can happen, but motorists are a major reason for bicycle and pedestrian accidents. These accidents aren’t all that different from car-on-car motor vehicle accidents, with one major caveat; the severity of injuries. When a car strikes another car, the passengers and operators involved are protected by metal frames, bumpers, and airbags. Alternatively, when someone on a bicycle has an altercation … Read More

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