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What Can A DUI Attorney Do For You?

What Can A DUI Attorney Do For You?

DUI cases can carry huge penalties or fines. Below are some essential things that a DUI attorney in Florida can do for you to help overcome penalties or fines:

A DUI attorney will lend you his experience and connections

A DUI attorney who has been in business for long will certainly have loads of experience and contacts to offer you which of course will help you in your case. Such attorney also knows the right people to communicate with within the court system to achieve the best result for your specific case. If you choose the right attorney, this could be someone that the court is already familiar with and also view with respect. This will help you with better chances of winning your DUI case!

A DUI attorney will help plead to reduced charges

Several DUI cases are usually settled before they ever even get to the courtroom. If you hire a DUI attorney that has good experience in DUI cases, the lawyer would most likely know what he can ask for & who to ask a thing that would be to the defendant’s advantage.

A DUI attorney can help identify loopholes and errors

Let’s bear in mind that no one is perfect, including the officer(s) that might have carried out the arrest in the first place. A DUI attorney with experience in cases relating to DUI can easily and quickly identify any irregularities or routine errors that could lead to your case dismissal.

Real Story of DUI Case In Pasco County

Sometimes being ready at the right time is just as important as being right. Recently I received an amendment to a reckless driving for a client based on writing a letter to the prosecutor. The video showed a thin amount of reason to stop my client however once stopped the evidence was not very persuasive. Because the prosecutor did not have favorable responses to the requests for information and the agreement that they should have the information by a certain date the prosecutor and I agreed to a reckless driving.

The easiest way to avoid a DUI is to not drink or do drugs before or during driving. However if you do get one, examine the evidence, inform the other side what it is your client seeks and support it—be ready however if they say yes. – Frank P. Bianco

What to do when you need help in this context:

In case you happen to find yourself detained on the counts of a DUI charge, it is better not to just throw yourself at the mercy of the court by trying to defend yourself. What you will spend to hire a DUI attorney is worth more than the cost and could save you huge money in fines, and even help you escape jail terms.

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