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What To Do If You Have A Felony Charge

What To Do If You Have Been Charged With A Felony | Pasco County

If you are arrested for a Felony within the State of Florida there are a number of vital and essential steps to initially and immediately take to preserve and prepare the defense of your case:

  1. Recognize that time is of the essence – the State Attorney, through the Police, is building his case against you. Every day you wait may cause a critical loss in the defense of your case.
  2. Obtain witnesses names, addresses and phone numbers. If possible obtain dates and signed statements from and all potential witnesses.
  3. If appropriate, take pictures of the crime scene, injuries to yourself and any evidence which would help persuade the State Attorney or a Court to accept your defense.
  4. Hire an attorney with criminal trial experience. Ask if they have ever tried a case to a jury. Ask the attorney to review his / her qualifications to represent you in this criminal matter. Remember, it is your liberty that may be at stake – would you risk your life with someone not qualified to defend you?
  5. Discuss the possible options open to you in your case if you enter a plea such as Drug Court, Diversion Programs, Youthful Offender, Probation, Community Control (know as House Arrest), County Jail and potentially State Prison.
  6. Discuss possible depositions of state witnesses, hiring your own expert witnesses, filing various motions to limit or eliminate the charge or charges as well as testimony and evidence.

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