Will A DUI Affect a Teaching Job

Will a DUI Affect a Teaching Job in Florida

Being charged with a DUI is one of the most frustrating things you could deal with. They’re expensive, time-consuming, embarrassing, and can severely impact your life – not to mention that the situation for getting yours may even seem silly when other options for transportation were readily available.

Getting past all of that, though, a DUI can also impact your career and if you’re a teacher it can have an even bigger impact.

A DUI never looks good on your record but as a teacher it can cause serious ramifications on your public perception, especially that of the parents of the children that you educate.

A DUI usually won’t, however, cause you to lose your job as a teacher, especially if it is a first time offense. In most states, and in Florida, a first time DUI offense would lead to a misdemeanor in most cases. In the case of a felony, you may be more likely to have trouble keeping your job.

Keeping or Losing Your Teaching Job

If you already have a job as a teacher at the time of the DUI conviction, you may not necessarily be at risk of losing your position unless your employers, or the board, were to discover the new charges. That being said, even if they were to discover the incident it may or may not be grounds for termination.

In most cases it will come down to your employer or the school board and any rules that they have set in advance for teachers. In some cases they may be able to terminate your employment due to the DUI charges simply due to prior sign agreements by yourself when you first took the job.

As far as new employment, though, it may become more difficult for you to acquire new employment as an educator while you still have the DUI on your record. In some states a DUI may only stay on your record for a period of several years while in other states it may stay on for life.

Again, if it’s a first time offense and you only receive a misdemeanor rather than a felony then you should be able to keep your job and/or possibly get hired at a new job as a teacher – it will really just come down to the school board or your employer, potential or otherwise.

Eliminate your DUI before it hits Your Record

Your best bet, though, would be to attempt to avoid receiving a DUI charge by working with an experienced DUI lawyer who may be able to get the charges dismissed altogether.

Hire an experienced DUI expungement attorney to fight your case.

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