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Will A DUI Show On A Background Check

Will A DUI Show On A Background Check?

A DUI is one of the single most destructive things you can have, for many people it is worse than a drug or other charge.

When someone seeks for new employment, or is about to seek admission into school or rent a new home, background checks will be carried out.  While this may not be applicable at all times, know that at some point in your life, an institution or someone will want to dig into your criminal history.

It means that if you have a DUI verdict on your record, it will surely come up at the point of a regular background check.

Where you have been arrested for drunk or compromised driving, it will show up on the background check.

Contingent on the reason a person or institution is running the check on your background records, a DUI arrest, even if it didn’t end up in a conviction, has the potential to reflect poorly on you and affect your chances for better opportunity.

DUI Will Show Up on Background Check

Certainly a background check will reveal a DUI conviction. Such records will include among others:

  • Vehicle registration
  • Driving record
  • Your criminal account, including arrests
  • Court records, including convictions for misdemeanors
  • Bankruptcy info
  • Warrants for arrest
  • Sex offence status
  • Military record, where applicable
  • Past employment data
  • Past drug test outcomes
  • State or professional licenses

Real Story of DUI Case In New Port Richey

Sometimes being ready at the right time is just as important as being right. Recently I received an amendment to a reckless driving for a client based on writing a letter to the prosecutor. The video showed a thin amount of reason to stop my client however once stopped the evidence was not very persuasive. Because the prosecutor did not have favorable responses to the requests for information and the agreement that they should have the information by a certain date the prosecutor and I agreed to a reckless driving. The easiest way to avoid a dui is to not drink or do drugs before or during driving. However if you do get one examine the evidence, inform the other side what it is your client seeks and support it—be ready however if they say yes. – Frank

If you have been convicted and ever arrested due to DUI, you can call an experienced Florida DUI lawyer to discuss how you may be able to clear your name.

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